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ACC Music 2015

Associational Children's Camp 2015

Ken Austin & the 150 Band


Each year our campers look forward to the Music at camp.

Ken Austin and the 150 Band will be leading us in both sessions.

If you are interested in obtaining their music for your enjoyment or to help with the Children's Camp Program for church when you return home, there are several ways to buy the cds or just the songs that you want.


“Ken Austin & the 150 Band” now have their own facebook page.   Feel free to check it out!




Music Info -  ACC 2015

Camp Choir

All campers are invited to sing in the choir each evening. We rehearse every evening at 6:00 p.m. in the choir loft. Please send a couple of adults or mature teenage sponsors with your kids who sing in the choir. This is a unique opportunity to hear 300 campers and sponsors sing our Lord’s praises!

Worship Music Try-Outs

                          Hi,  this is Ken and I would really encourage you to start rehearsing your music dramas and presentations right now for ACC 2015.    Camp is just around the corner, and this year we are expecting every group to give their very best in honoring the Lord in worship at ACC.       This year special music spots are a little more limited than in past years, so let me make a recommendation.    If you have kids in your group who like to sing and others in your group who are more comfortable doing drama,  consider combining them.    For example.....consider having a small ensemble of maybe 4 or 5 kids sing a great message in song while maybe 15 to 20 more of your other kids act out the message in song  (this could be light hearted - use of puppets, more serious with live actors or video production {provided by someone from your group}, etc.).    Please feel free to call me for more ideas.   

You can call my church office at First Baptist Church of Cushing (918) 225-4790.

                      The main thing is that now is the time to start rehearsing your kids,  selecting a song, and designing your drama.   I need all try-out videos sent to me by Wednesday, May 13th.      I'm expecting the Lord to use our kids and adult helpers in such an outstanding way in special music and worship presentations this year!   To God be the Glory!

Please mail in a DVD to….    **OPTIONAL – you may choose to e-mail me a short (2 – 3 minute) video clip of your group or soloist (see below for e-mail info.).  

Ken Austin

First Baptist Church

    P.O. Box 187

Cushing, Oklahoma   74023

Church Phone:  (918) 225-4790



*It is such a joy to be a part of the camp.  Every year my friends and I in the 150 Band are really blessed to how many talented pre-teens are in our state and how excited they are to use their talents to help lead others in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ!    Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.                                                                                                                

Love in Christ,   Ken